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Get FHA Underwriting Training with Capstone

If you are looking for training as an FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter, look no further than Capstone Institute. Capstone Institute is one of the few learning institutions in the country that can provide widely-recognized endorsements and certifications for FHA underwriting. Our flexible training programs give current underwriters, processors and sales managers the skills and knowledge they need…

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Use Our FHA Underwriting Webinars to Expand Your Knowledge and Your Career Potential

Let Capstone help you attain new levels of expertise with our FHA Underwriting Webinars. These  videos recording of live webinars provide our students the exact information and details as if you were in the classroom with Kathy Lewis. Capstone’s detailed instruction is tailored to the needs of the viewers, which includes taking the time to answer…

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Your Journey to Becoming a Loan Originator

Even though the U.S. economy is well on its way to recovery, there are still many people out on the job market looking to further their skills and pursue a new, more lucrative career. Countless people are coming to realize that technical skills and a specialized field are much more reliable pathways to success. One…

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Exactly What Is a Loan Originator?

At Capstone Institute, we focus on one thing: educating people in the mortgage and lending industry so they can further their careers. One of our most popular programs is our loan originator training, which provides classroom education and preparation for the NMLS test. People who succeed with this program often go on to brilliant careers in…

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