Refund Policy with Online Video Self-Paced Training:

Capstone offers all its students a free 3 hour, 10 day viewing evaluation period.  This means after purchasing an online training class, you have 10 days to log into your training and 3 hours  to sample the training.

If the student is not happy with the training after 3 hours of viewing, or ten days from the purchase date, they may request a refund by sending their request to or to

If the student views more than 3 hours of a class or takes more than 10 days have evaluate the training; it will be assumed by Capstone
Institute that it has fully met its training guaranty and refund requested will not be processed



laspedof any training class it will be deemed that Capstone Institute has met its training obligation and a refund request 

Refund requests should be sent to: or to
After processing the request the student will be email a return shipping label to return their training materials in resellable condition.
Resellable condition means no rips or tears and no marks or notes written on any of the pages.

An Administrative fee of $20.00 and a 4.5% credit card transaction fee will be deducted from the refund price.
Refunds will not be processed until all training materials, if applicable, have been returned to Capstone Institute in resale able condition.


Refund Policy For Live Classroom Instruction:

Purchasers who register for a live training and who later find they can not attend the event may receive a full refund minus and administrative fee of $25.00 and minus a 4.5% credit card transaction fee.


Refund requests will be honored under the following conditions.

Purchaser gives at least 3 business days notice to Capstone Institute that the student will not be able to attend. If a Class is scheduled for Friday, the student must give notice that they will not be attending not latter than Tuesday 5PM (EST) prior to the Friday class. Send your request to .

If a student misses their training date without giving notice to Capstone of their inability to attend; Student will lose their purchase tuition and will not be eligible for any refund.

Student who wishes to postpone their training to a future date may do so by giving at least 1 day notice to Capstone Institute. By giving at least a 1 day notice, Student may postpone their training to a future date without a rescheduling fee but loses their ability to request a refund. All training must be completed within 6 months of purchase date.

Refund Policy For Live/Webinar Courses:

Purchasers registered for a live online training webinar may receive a full refund minus a 4.5 % credit card transaction fee by sending their refund request in writing or via e-mail within 5 business days of the event to Capstone Institute, All training materials pre-sent to the purchaser must be returned to Capstone Institute in resalable condition and purchaser is responsible for their shipping charges.

In the event Capstone Institute incurs computer disruptions or loss of internet connectivity before or during any live webinar; Capstone Institute reserves the right to reschedule the training within 30 days.

If the purchaser cannot attend the future reschedule training they have the option to switch to the self-paced online equivalent training and be refunded the cost difference.