If you are looking for training as an FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter, look no further than Capstone Institute. Capstone Institute is one of the few learning institutions in the country that can provide widely-recognized endorsements and certifications for FHA underwriting.

Our flexible training programs give current underwriters, processors and sales managers the skills and knowledge they need to handle the often-complex FHA loans that could cross their desk. Expand your opportunities, further your career and help those in need get the mortgage they need to realize their dreams all through our high-quality training sessions and webinars.

FHA Underwriting Requires Special Skills

FHA loan underwriting is a different breed than traditional mortgage underwriting. The Federal Housing Administration provides hard limits for applicants, but then allows for countless exemptions and exceptions in instances where individuals may still be able to qualify despite their inability to meet certain requirements. In these instances, manual underwriting as opposed to automated underwriting is acceptable, but only when the right paperwork is filed.

Essentially, the FHA wants to provide home loans to low-income people on a flexible basis. In order to do so, exemptions must be carefully considered so that individuals who are capable of handling an FHA loan still obtain one, while individuals who are patently unqualified still at least have a second chance at consideration. Complicating matters further, some FHA loan applications may lack critical documentation like a credit history, meaning underwriters will have to adjust accordingly in order to still deliver a fair assessment.

In order to teach underwriters how to handle these complex and often subjective assessments, extensive training is required. FHA underwriters must be capable of processing loan requests, both through the typical automated system and through manual means. Most importantly, they must know which situations call for what sort of action, and what documentation is needed to proceed.

Capstone Institute can teach you all of these skills. Afterwards, you can demonstrate your level of knowledge attainment through Capstone’s prestigious endorsements and certifications. These documents are nationally-recognized by all of the FHA’s main home centers as well as major financial institutions like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, BB&T, Regions, PNC, Suntrust, Synovus and others.

Online Training Convenience

Our most popular FHA underwriting training takes place online via hosted webinars. Training expert and industry leader Kathy Lewis provides instruction through easy-to-follow sessions.

Attendees receive the latest, most-current version of the HUD handbook (4000.1) along with personalized instructions about any recent major changes to policy. Attendees also receive conceptual instruction for the unique skills needed to complete FHA underwriting through manual processes. Then, they receive hands-on experience by considering five case studies that simulate actual FHA loan applications.

The training course is ideal for:

  • Current underwriters experienced in handling conventional loans
  • Experienced FHA processors wishing to add underwriting to their skill set
  • Sales managers and branch managers who wish to have deeper insight into FHA loan underwriting theory and practice

We back all of our courses with a satisfaction guarantee, allowing students to withdraw and receive a full refund if they are not satisfied within their first three hours. Come experience why we are the best at what we do, and why we are one of the most recognized mortgage education centers in the country. Visit our FHA underwriting webinar information page to learn more.