Let Capstone help you attain new levels of expertise with our FHA Underwriting Webinars. These  videos recording of live webinars provide our students the exact information and details as if you were in the classroom with Kathy Lewis. Capstone’s detailed instruction is tailored to the needs of the viewers, which includes taking the time to answer questions or rehash confusing concepts. Class sizes are unlimited because they’re recorded and you have access anytime  and full support from your instructor by just calling or e-mailing Kathy Lewis. All recordings and training manuals are  kept up-to-date, and reflect the latest changes to FHA rules, regulations and guidelines.

Take the next step in your career or expand your skill set to become more competitive using the nationally-renowned knowledge, instruction and expertise provided by Capstone. Here are just some of the key advantages and benefits you will get for signing up with Capstone as opposed to other mortgage education institutions:

Get the Clarity You Need
Even mortgage industry experts understand that FHA underwriting poses a unique challenge compared to other forms of mortgage underwriting. FHA requirements are intended to be lax, but they still have hard minimums and maximums for applicants to satisfy. Even then, some exemptions can be made, making some FHA loans intensely difficult to make a final decision on, especially with the limited documentation that some applicants provide.
Luckily, there are handbooks, written guidelines and best practices that can help you navigate these incredibly-tough decisions. But, even with these, only expert training can help you decipher the right call to make. Capstone ensures that you have this confidence by providing the actual most recent version of the FHA handbook with every class along with supplemental materials written personally by your course instructor, Kathy Lewis.

A Name Others Respect
As one of the very first mortgage education centers, Capstone and our instructors have helped set the standard for mortgage education, training and preparation for industry-related exams. Instructor Kathy Lewis has been recruited several times in the past by the HUD’s own sponsored homeownership centers, and Capstone itself is recognized and respected by others in the lending industry.
Specifically, the Dept. of HUD, all four of their homeownership centers nationwide, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Sun Trust, Regions, Wells Fargo, BB&T, Citibank, Synovus and more prestigious institutions all honor Capstone certifications as a trustworthy endorsement of knowledge attainment.

Our Personal Guarantee
We want to ensure that every student we serve will be satisfied with the level of instruction that they receive. One of the only ways to do this is to offer a refund for those who feel like they have not been delivered what was promised.
Live FHA underwriting webinar students that feel like the instruction or materials did not meet their expected standards can log off after the first three hours of instruction, notify Kathy Lewis or Capstone, return their material hard copies and receive an instant refund credit on their credit card. We offer this guarantee both as a vote of personal confidence in our quality, but also as a means to ensure that everyone who pays for the course will be satisfied.

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