Mortgage training is essential for those working in the financial industry. Continued training and education are key to be able to stay on top of mortgage trends that seem to change on a daily basis. Mortgage training classes will teach you

  • How to read and understand credit reports
  • How to calculate borrowers secondary Incomes – Bonuses, Commissions, Secondary Part Time employment, Over Time
  • Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate – calculating without using software
  • How to take a detailed loan application
  • Required Documentation
  • How to calculate necessary fees and interest without software
  • The processing details and guidelines for the different loan options available
  • Common mortgage terminology, their definitions, and applications

Escrows & Closing Costs – calculating without software

There are costs that go into the mortgage process, and these are often put together and are included in the closing costs. These costs will include costs such as attorney fees, recording fees, appraisals, inspections, title transfer, and multiple other costs depending on the type of loan you chose.

Debt-to-Income Ratio & Closing Costs – calculating without software

The 3 questions every borrower want to know. How much house can I afford, what are my payments and how cash much down? is a lot of information you will need to know and understand how to explain them to your borrowers.  At Capstone we have always believed that originators should not be dependent on software. With a basic financial calculator, you’ll learn how to determine all these borrowers costs in front of your borrowers.

Enjoy Your Classes in Person or Work From Home Using an Online Training Program

Mortgage training can be easy no matter your individual needs. For those looking for a more hands-on and social learning environment, you can take an in-classroom mortgage training. If your schedule keeps you busy or you would prefer to accomplish your training at your own pace, online classes may be your be the solution.

If you are interested in learning more about how an online mortgage training class can fit your schedule or would like to sign up for a class, contact Capstone Institute today. 888-254-3431