NMLS Pre-licensing 20 Hr. Comprehensive PE


If you intend to work for and residential lender or mortgage broker, you are required to take and pass a 20-hour pre-licensing course as part of your licensing requirements. Learn in a classroom environment and retain your training experience.

Next Class Date April 5-6-7th
We only offer this classroom training once a month so register early.

NMLS Pre-licensing 20 Hr. Comprehensive PE

Due to health and meeting size restrictions
this weekends class has been postponed.


Next tentative class is scheduled
May 1-2-3th



This is a tentative date.   We are hoping travel and meeting restrictions will be lifted.  All registered students from our March and April classes will be moved to this date.   Please keep watching for up dates here.  If travel and meeting restrictions are lifted earlier we will notify you here on this page.

In order to make this simplier please contact Garry@capstoneinstitute.com if you would like to register for this May’s class. Once we can confirm this training date Garry will send you an email for you to register on line.

Students who have already registered for either of our April classes will automatically be move forward to the May class.


Please check back for scheduling updates or ask garry.



We do limit our class size to 25 students so please
register early to confirm your class date.


Special Incentive To Choose Capstone Institute

Students attending our training will additionaly receive free access to Capstone’s online
NMLS test preparation training as our thankyou  gift for trusting our training circiulum.
The Capstone NMLS National Test Review Retails  For $95.00


Future Training Dates:
May 1-2-3rd
May 15-16-17th


Recent Student Feed Back

On Tue, Feb 25, 2020, 10:00 PM

Thanks so much to Garry for encouraging me, and Don for teaching the Feb 9th class I wanted to let you know I passed the exam Feb 22nd with a 92% first time. You guys are great, and I DID study a lot 🙂 

Date: 3/2/20 7:14 PM (GMT-05:00)

From: Kacee Payne
Hey Mr. Powell! I attended your class last week and I took my exam today and passed with an 86%! 
Thanks for all your help!

Congratulations To Our March 3-4-5th Class

Berry Beard    Jesse Dixon    Arif Merchant    Kacee Payne   Mary O’Brien    Marcus Howell   Tracy Talley
Marcus Hunter    Kulmeet Narang   John King  Tamara Chisolm   Pingyuan HA    Li Zhang  Austin Allen
Nancy Rabel   Michael Whitney   Jude Choo Hen    Yolene Almour   James Clark   Bob Hingley  John Wan
Nancy Rabel    Michael Whitney   Jude Choo Hen    Yolene Almonor


Our Next Tenetative Class Is
May 1-2-3rd

Class Times:

Students are required to be seated in the classroom by 8:30 AM on Friday morning only.
Saturday and Sunday’s classes start at 9AM

  • Morning breaks of 15 minutes are scheduled each day at 10:30  to 10:45
    Lunch breaks are scheduled from 12:30 to 1:30 each day.
    Afternoon breaks are scheduled at 3:45 to 4:00 each day

    Class ends at 5Pm on Friday and Saturday
    Class ends at 4Pm on Sunday


Directions to our location in the Atlanta Realtors Association Facility
in Sandy Springs, GA


Open map directions here!



How To Become A Mortgage Loan Originator


About Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance Training

Our NMLS pre-licensing training is totally dedicated to assisting you to do only one thing, and that’s for you to pass the national exam the first time.  The quick and easy NMLS Pre-License Education training offered at Capstone is beneficial for many reasons!

Learning in a classroom environment is vastly superior to learning online.  Very few companies offer live classroom training because of the expense of maintaining the training facilities and they need to go after a larger group of people.   The problem with online training is that it’s not as effective as a classroom.  This a documented scholastic fact. 

Scotsman’s Guide is the mortgage industry’s bible of authority, and they reported years ago that the best way to prepare for the National Test & Unified State Test is not with online training but by sitting in a real classroom with your instructor and NMLS Education materials in front of you.


If English is your second language or you dislike being rushed through
online training, please consider attending our classroom training in Atlanta.


Read the Scotsman guide article on the best ways to prepare for the NMLS test



Open and read the truth from the Scotsman Guide
The Industry’s leading authority on Mortgage Lending

Read here the 16 tips for passing the NMLS exam



Information on your NMLS Testing

See The NMLS Test Topics You’re Required To Know Prior To Testing 

The NMLS national test of 100 questions is combined with the UST ( Unified State Test) of 25 questions.
he required passing score for both parts is 75%. The testing is administered by Prometrics with testing locations throughout the US.  

Click Here  For Information About Prometric And Buying Your Test.



About Our Classroom Training In Atlanta GA.

We normally only offer NMLS approved pre-licensing training once a month in Atlanta and
our future training dates are listed below.  We only allow students to register for the current
training date.  You’ll have access to the next class after our current class has concluded.



Take Advantage of Our Classroom Training Style

We recognize that NMLS 20 hour online training is very convenient but the advantages of that should be weighed
out carefully before making a decision.

Asking questions?

Is it easier to ask your questions by raising your hand and have your instructor answer your questions
on the spot?


Is it easier to  formulate your question in your head;  then type it into a chat box and then
wait for the instructor to answer you?  


Not everyone passes their NMLS National test the first time.

Some companies like to brag about their student’s passing ratios. Some even boast they have a
90% or higher passing ratio. Yes; they may have a 90% passing average on the required school test.

But no one has a 90% or better first time student passing average on the NMLS National Test!

Run from any school that says they have a 90% or better passing average on the NMLS National test.

The last time we saw any statistics from the NMLS was a statement that the national average passing rate was
only about 68%.

From our students reporting back to us and those students taking our refresher classes; we estimate our
first time passing ratio varies  between 81% and 89% .

For our students who don’t pass their national test the first time, we offer a free refresher course within 90 days
after completing their initial class.  There is a $175.00 fee if you wish to repeat the class after 90 days.

Please call Garry or Kathy if there are extending circumstance which prevented you from taking advantage of your refresher  within your 90 days.


About Our Instructors

All Capstone instructors have 25 or more years of industry experience and 5 or more years teaching this course.


About Our Training Materials

Our training manual, homework assignments, and supplements are the most comprehensive available today. The author of all our materials is Kathy Lewis; who has 38 years of experience in residential mortgage and training industry and has published over 112 publications. Kathy is also the founder and President of Capstone.


You saw above in the NMLS test topics how much information you’ll be expected to know before your test.  Open our manual and see for yourself the amount of detail we cover to assist you in preparing for your national test.




Safe Act 2020 Table of Contents





How to Register for our NMLS 20 Hour Course Classroom Training

You can register here online or call us at the school. If calling after business hours please leave your contact # or e-mail address with our live answering service. Our staff will contact you the next day to answer any questions or assist you in registering over the telephone.


Getting Your Free NMLS Personal ID #

NMLS requires as a precondition of being licensed as a loan originator, that all individuals have their personal NMLS personal ID #.  This is very important because without your ID # , we will not be able to give you credit for completing
your training.

FYI:  Reading your NMLS handbook is highly advisable.

Learn how to get your personal NMLS user account

View your NMLS Originator’s Handbook


We limit our class size to 25 students so register early.


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Put in Dunwoody or Sandy Springs as your location or near zip code 30328



Capstone’s training is the only school approved
for mortgage training under the GI Bill!



Capstone Institute is the only provider approved under the GI bill covering mortgage education.  

Upon completing the training Capstone will furnish the Veteran with a  Certificate of Completion and
VA forms  22-1999c and 22-8794. 
Vetrans are encouraged to call us for information under the GI Bill.

Typical Licensing Fees For Loan Originators In GA. And Most Other States.

After training you’ll need to pay for the following items which are all paid directly through the
NMLS Resource Center website. That’s why obtaining you ID # and login credentials are so important

These fees do not have to be paid all at the same time:

$110.00 National Test Including the Unified State Test  
$130.00 NMLS processing fee
$ 15.00 Credit report
$ 36.25 Criminal Background check



What Happens After A Student Registers For Class

After registering for class the student will receive a welcome letter. It will contain pertinent information covering directions, how to get your NMLS ID #, what to bring to class and your link to your online manual. You can request
your printed manual be sent to you by FEDEX for $15.00. Everyone recives their printed manual and other printed materials on the first day of class.

Students are advised to start reading their online manual and concentrate on becoming familiar with mortgage terms /definitions and  Sections 7 & 8 which cover taking a detailed application and loan processing.  



Arriving The First Day Of Training

After registration you’ll receive your welcome letter by email  with directions and a google map to assist you.
Students are expected to be at the school’s location and in our classroom by 8:30 AM on Friday the first day of class.

Upon entering the Board of Realtor front entrance, you’ll see a large prompter screen showing you the location of the classroom.

Coming late for class is frowned upon and can result in the student being moved to the next month’s training date.
Please allow for traffic on Friday and typically you shouldn’t have any difficulties with traffic on Saturday and Sunday.

Upon arriving you’ll present your proof of identity (drivers License – Passport) and then receive your printed training manual, homework, practice tests, and course handouts.

You’ll have homework assignments to complete each night, which will be reviewed the next day in class.

On Sunday afternoon you’ll take your school test. The NMLS requires that you pass the school test to receive your Certificate of Completion.

(HINT) If you pay attention and do your to your homework the school test
shouldn’t be a problem.


Are you a licensed GA Realtor and need 20 hours of CE ?

The GREC  has approved Capstone and this training for 20 hours of continuing education credit.
There’s a $50.00 fee to transfer your CE hours into the GREC database.

To receive your GREC 20 hr credit you’ll need to turn in a duplicate of homework assignments, We will give you duplicate papers of  your homework to complete and turn in on Sunday afternoon.

Visit the GA Real Estate & Insurance Commission and check your CE standings. This training is approved by the GREC and can be used to credit bank 20 of CE to your account  There’s a $50.00 fee to transfer 20 hours to your GREC  account.       View your GREC for your educational credits