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Understanding VA Loans

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2 Lessons

Duration: 2.5 hours each  and 1 hour testing.

Certificate: Yes After Testing

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Instruction Type: Online-On demand Video 

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Self Paced Online With Printed Manual And Printed Case Studies Synchronized To Videos (1 year unlimted access to video training)

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Instructed by Kathy Lewis

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Master Mortgage Trainer Since 1986

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Why Capstone’s Training History and Curriculum is Superior to Other Venues.

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Capstone Institute initially started offering its training as live, in-classroom training in Atlanta Georgia back in 1986.  Companies from around the country would fly their staffs to Atlanta for our one- and two- week curriculum. Later we were the first to offer live mortgage webinars to help reduce the traveling costs to our clients. Then the demand shifted to offering our programs on VHS tapes and then progressing to CDs and now to streaming videos.

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Now that the technology has shifted to streaming video, we still commanded our lead in mortgage training because of the quality of our training materials and our instructors.  Even our competitors carefully refrain from criticizing the quality of our materials.

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What tops the benefit list of choosing Capstone is our 100% unconditional training guaranty. We’re the only mortgage training institute that allows companies or individuals to purchase our courses and then use them with the right to return them if they are not satisfied.

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About our VA Loan Training

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The US Department of Veterans Affairs offers our veterans special privileges to assist them in home ownership. VA loans are not funded by our government but like FHA loans they’re insuring the loans for the veterans. The VA has established their own guidelines, documentation, and procedures.  Originating and processing VA loans is much easier now than it was a few years ago, but still has its own particular challenges. Once learned correctly, VA loans can be extremely  easy to do and to help our veterans receive the benefits they deserve.

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How Good Is Our VA Loans Technical Manual?

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View our VA Technical Training Manual Table of Contents

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Capstone’s Certificate of Completion

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This Certificate of Completion is awarded to students after competing their training and online testing

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Some of our honored clients who use our VA training

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  • USAA
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  • Navy Federal Credit Union
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  • Flagstar
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  • Union Pacific
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  • SunTrust
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  • Hundreds of Brokers & Lenders Accross the USA
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