Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate


Detailed training covering the calculations and why’s and the how’s. Super training program for initial, recurrent and weekly sales meetings

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Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate





Learning How To Complete The Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate


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About the Fees Work Sheet & Loan Estimate

Duration3 Hrs
Testing:     Certificate of Completion Awarded After Online Testing

As the originator you’ve done every perfectly. You found your borrower; you took a perfect application and gathered every required document and submitted it to your processor. Your processor entered the borrower’s information  and created your loan estimate form. You call your borrower back with great news telling them that they’re approved, and you’re emailing them their loan estimate and request a meeting to  go over the figures and finalize the deal.  

OOPS! Your borrowers calls you back and has some questions. Its seems they’ve been shopping around and some of your fees are higher than your competitors?     

Without the help of your manager?

1.     Will you have the confidence to answer all your borrower’s questions correctly without saying

                                                                                     “Let me call my manager”


2.    Will you know how to interepret your competitors offer and adjust your deal without saying;

                                                                                     “Let me call my manager”

Not To Worry; You Won’t Have To Call Your Manager.

After completeing this training you’ll understand how every box in the fees worksheet and loan estimate is calculated.
In seconds you’ll be able to check any part of your the Fees Worksheet and the Loan Estimate using your own calculator.
That’s the great thing about Capstone’s training, we teach you how to calculate everything using your own calculator.

This also means learning any new mortgage origination software is going to be easy because you already know how the numbers work and where they go.

Kathy Lewis takes the mystery out of how the Fees Worksheet and Loan Estimate form work.


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