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Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate





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About the Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate

Duration3 Hrs
Testing:     Certificate of Completion Awarded After Online Testing

The originator takes the loan application and prepares the Fees Worksheet and Loan Estimate before turning the loan application package over to the Loan Processor to process.  The Loan Processor will need to review these two documents to make sure that the originator has charged the correct fees. 

For this reason, as a Loan Processor, you will need to understand how to prepare the Fees Worksheet and Loan Estimate, in order to insure that they were prepared correctly.  This will also help you to understand what fees are typical in a mortgage transaction, how to calculate prepaid interest, property taxes, escrow accounts, etc.

Many times, it’s the Loan Processor who will receive a phone call from the borrower, asking for an explanation of certain fees or calculations, and you want to be knowledgeable when answering their questions.

Understanding how to perform these calculations by hand will make it easier to learn your software program.  You can avoid numerous mistakes that could result in a rejected loan application, all because you failed to catch an error on the computer-generated document.

After completing this training, you’ll understand how every box on the Fees Worksheet and Loan Estimate is calculated.
In seconds you’ll be able to check any part of your Fees Worksheet and the Loan Estimate using your own calculator.
That’s the great thing about Capstone’s training, we teach you how to calculate everything using your own calculator.

This also means learning any new mortgage origination software is going to be easy because you already know how the numbers work and where they go.

Kathy Lewis takes the mystery out of how the Fees Worksheet and Loan Estimate form work.


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