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    NMLS Pre-licensing 20 Hr. Comprehensive PE

    Register now for our live, classroom training in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  • cms-logo2

    Certified Mortgage Specialist For Originators

    The CMS designation was first created by Capstone in 1998. The purpose of the designation was to have a prescribe mortgage curriculum which would bring employees with no mortgage background up to a professional competency level in 2 weeks versus 3 to 4 months of on the job training.

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  • Principles of Mortgage Finance

    Principles of Mortgage Finance

    This advanced training covers all areas of expertise required from a loan originator taking conventional loan applications. (Does cover government loans FHA & VA)

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  • Understanding Your Fees Worksheet And Loan Estimate Form

    Learning How To Complete The Fees Worksheet & Loan Estimate

    Detailed training covering how to correctly compute the loan estimate form and Truth In Lending disclosure. We promise – If you trust your mortgage software 100% to give you the correct answers every time; we promise you’ll have loans that we’ll never close ever.

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  • Guidelines For Taking A Detailed Loan Application - Self Paced

    Guidelines For Taking A Detailed Loan Application

    Basic conventional loan training for new loan originator covering basic origination skills.
    (Does cover government loans FHA & VA)

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  • Category-FHA

    Understanding FHA Loans

    If you have experience as a conventional underwriter or conventional loan processor
    and want to expand your mortgage skills to included FHA loans you need to have a through understanding of both origination and processing of FHA loan files, before tackling the FHA DE training.

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  • VA Loans: Instruction Covering Origination & Processing - Self Paced

    Understanding VA Loans (Origination & Processing)

    The US Department of Veterans affairs offers our veterans special privileges to assist them in home ownership. VA loans are not funded by our government but as similar to FHA loans are insuring the loans for the veterans. The VA has established their own guidelines, documentation and procedures

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  • Qualifying Self Employed Borrowers - Self Paced

    Qualifying the Self Employed Borrower

    This training covers all areas of expertise required from a loan originator taking conventional loan applications.

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  • calculator

    Learn The HP12C Handheld Calculator To Its Maximum Level

    Requires purchase of HP12C financial calculator
    This isn’t a low budget 5-minute u-tube infomercial.  After finishing this class you’ll know more than the HP sales person does.  That’s a promise or your money back!

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  • gftadla

    Advanced Sales & Marketing Training For Originators

    All good Loan Originators need to understand how to start their own lead generation pipeline and not to rely on expensive and sometimes fraudulent lead providers. If the leads were so good why aren’t they originating?

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  • TRID - RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosures Training -- Plus Train the Trainers Program

    TRID – RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosures Training

    Kathy Lewis makes learning the TRID regulations easy.


    Less legalise and more common sense.
    Under WHAT you’re checking off on the loan estimate and why you’re doing it.
    Most frequently asked questions and how to stay compliant.
    Preparing the Closing Disclosure regardless of what type of loan you’re doing.

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    FHA Refresher – The HUD 4000.1 Handbook

    FHA Refresher training using the HUD 4000.1 handbook.

    Lots of great changes combining all the major HUD handbooks into one publication. The problem is out of 1009 pages there’s only a few sections  which affect SFH  for Lenders, Originators and Processors.

    Kathy has broken out these important sections and condensed them into a meaningful video which will clarify what the new changes are and how they affect you.

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