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Take advantage of your training schedule and complete this training at your own pace. Students received the same printed training materials as in our live webinar with full telephone and email support.


FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriting

Our FHA Direct Endorsement
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The most respected FHA underwriting program in the United States.

Your instructor for this underwriter training is Kathy Lewis, the President and Founder of Capstone Institute since 1986.

For those of you who are relatively new to FHA Direct Endorsement training, Kathy was actually the first person who offered FHA DE underwriting training outside of the HUD Homeownership Centers. Kathy has traveled and trained at all four HUD Homeownership Centers and assists in initial and refresher training to the top lenders in the country.


Click to view Kathy Lewis’s training manual

FHA Underwriting Table of Contents “TOC” 

Training Includes Case Studies & Practice Exercises

During your training Kathy is going to walk you through page by page of each case study,  and don’t forget about the Forms & Checklists.  They’re going to be invaluable to you when reviewing your loans before signing off and approving them.

#1   Underwriting The FHA Appraisal
#2   Underwriting The Credit
#3  Completing A Schedule Of Real Estate Owned
#4  Performing A Technical Review
#5  Underwriting An FHA Streamline Refinance

View some of our recent and established clients:

US Department of HUD:

Philadelphia Homeownership Center
Atlanta Homeownership Center
Denver Homeownership Center
Santa Anna Home Ownership Center

National & Regional Lenders


DEPT HUD / Atlanta Housing
Citizens Bank
Freedom Mortgage  
Union Pacific
Navy Federal Credit Union

Bank of America
Regions Bank
Fifth Third Bancorp
Space Coast Credit Union 
Synovus Bank

Asking Questions & Support?

There are two ways to ask questions during or after your training.   Even if it’s been years since you completed your training with us, all you need to do is to call 888-254-3431 or Kathy email at [email protected]

Our support is unconditional and unlimited to all of our students.


Testing and Certification of Completions.

At the conclusion of your training, you’ll have the opportunity to take your final 85 question competency test,
which requires a passing score of 90% to receive your certificate of completion.
Yes, we do allow you to retake your test as many times as it takes 


Who should take this training?

This Training Is Designed For:

*FHA Underwriters returning to Lending
*Experienced FHA Processors
*Conventional Underwriters
*Experienced FHA Loan Closers
*Regional Sales Managers & Branch Managers



You are in demand if you have your CHUMS number. but you’ll need to get current on all the
guideline changes and rule changes, especially since the publishing of the new
HUD 4000.1 Handbook.

There are lots of changes, and Kathy has already gone through them for issues that concern
single family lending.


If you’re an experienced conventional underwriter and expanding your skills to include FHA,
you’re going to love this course. Kathy has held both positions of Conventional and DE underwriter
and understands what new skills you’ll need to expand to become a competent DE underwriter.


If you’re an experienced FHA processor (3 to 5 yrs) then you’re also ready for this training.
Capstone has hundreds of testimonial letters since 1986 from new FHA underwriters or their
managers thanking Kathy for helping them submit their first 15 test cases and receiving
approval on all of them first time.


Are you a strong conventional loan processor but have limited or no FHA processing experience?
Not to worry! If this is the case, we recommend you take our FHA origination & processing training
prior to taking the FHA DE training.

We’ll also help by offering you a $95.00 discount when taking them together within 90 days.
You’ll save money and time by doing it this way.

Our FHA origination and processing training is 8 hrs. Our FHA DE training is 12 hours.
That’s 20 hours of training at your disposal for 90 days each.


As a Branch manager, your time spent monitoring the quality of your loan applications is directly related to how many loans you’ll close the next month. Sure, it’s great to have a big pipeline, but only if the loans don’t get kicked back and do eventually close. And how about those loans that were denied? How many other loans could your processor have submitted and closed if you had foreseen the problems in the beginning?









































































$495.00Add to cart

$495.00Add to cart


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