Understanding Your Fees Worksheet And Loan Estimate Form


Every Manager, Loan originator and processor needs to have the ability to explain in detail to a customer how their fees are calculated.

In over thirty years Kathy Lewis’ formulas for adapting to new regulations and calculations have never been wrong. In 2 weeks after the new regulations were formalized she completed her research and developed this course on how the new Fees Work Sheet and Loan Estimate should be completed.

She was right then and she’s still right today.  Compliance attorneys eat your hearts out!

You need to understand completely how your fees are calculated and not rely on your mortgage software.

How are you going to explain to your borrower about their fees if have to rely solely on your software?

With Capstone’s training  mythology you’ll be able to calculate any part of  the Fees Work Sheet and new Loan Estimate Form in seconds using your own calculator.  That’s the great thing about Capstone’s training, we teach you how to calculate everything using your own calculator.

Normally your software  does these calculations for you but what happens if someone enters the wrong information? How are you going to find the error and correct it?

You’re Not!  Unless you’re shown how to do it on your own.Its easier to close deals when you can answer borrowers questions when they ask?     Why are my fees so high?   Can you explain how my fees are calculated?

Kathy Lewis again takes the mystery out of how the Fees Worksheet and Loan Estimate form work.