Reading & Understanding Credit Reports

Instructor:  Kathy Lewis
Duration:    1.2 hours / 90 days access
Type:             Online Self Paced Video
Materials:   Training Manual Download

Most credit reports are divided divided into four sections:

  • Whose credit is being represented
    How they pay  their bills
    Public records


When reading and interpreting someone’s credit report, it’s important that you have the knowledge and skills to do so.
This training is going to give you the knowledge and the skills.



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Loan Originators & Processors

After taking a correct mortgage loan application (1003), the first thing the loan originator and/or processor need to do is to compare it against the person’s credit report.

Checking names, residences, opened accounts, tradelines, credit limits, available credit, closed accounts, collections, charge offs and other information vital to the outcome of the loan’s approval or denial.  Sometimes there are errors in a report.

The challenge is to read it carefully every time and understand how to interpret the information correctly.

Reading a credit report for the first time is very intimidating.  Lots of pages with data, tables, codes , contact information, addresses, payoffs …the list goes on.

Your instructor Kathy Lewis is going to take all the mystery and confusion away.   After completing this course, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence needed to read any credit report accurately.






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