TRID – RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosures Training


Kathy Lewis  has humbled some attorneys firms offer this training.  There information was good, but rumors say it was sometimes hard to stay awake.

Kathy blends in pertinent real life stories into your lessons help you remember the fine points and keep the class rolling smoothly.   She has a great gift of reading through the legalise and translating what the government is expecting you to comply with and how to comply.

A few national lenders who use this training?
Union Pacific
Freedom Mortgage


Compliance officers :
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Instructor: Kathy Lewis
Duration:   3 Hours /  6 month online access / Instant access to your training
Includes:    Downloadable manual and handouts


RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosures Training

Your money back if not 100% satisfied with this training

As an experienced originator or processor all you want to know is:

*What are the new changes ?
*How are they different from the old GFE & TILA?
*How do I properly calculate every field on both disclosures?
*What do I need to do to stay compliant?

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What is included In your training
After logging in with your student ID and your password you’ll have instant access to your training.
Download your manual and case studies and start your training.

Don’t worry If you can’t finish on your first visit.
Capstone gives you 6 months access so you can refresh yourself until you get it all the time.

Kathy has reviewed the new TRID–RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosures requirements and has simplified them so everyone will be able to adapt.

Section 1: Preparing the Loan Estimate Form

This section covers the requirements for correctly filling in each box on the loan estimate form. As always Kathy Lewis’s training case studies demonstrate how to calculate everything with just a basic calculator.

As you progress through your section #1 training, Kathy addresses the most frequently asked questions and how to stay compliant.

Section 2:  Preparing the Closing Disclosure Form

Section 3: Addresses the disclosure of fees and charges, waiting periods, including when to disclose and when to re-disclose. Kathy will take you step by step how to to correctly complete the new disclosure regardless of what type of loan your doing.