Principles of Mortgage Finance

Principles of Mortgage Finance

Initial On Board Training For New Originators


On-Line, Self Paced , Step By Step Video Training


About Your Principles of Mortgage Finance Training

This training teaches you what is required, why it’s required, when it’s required and how to do the calculations without any software. 
If your ever compete against an  experienced originator you’ll need every advantage on your side to beat them. 

But experienced originators do get sloppy and do forget the basic’s and do make mistakes.
Just because you’re a rookie doesn’t mean your not competent.

This training is going to make you competent and what we call the”Front End” of the deal.

We’ve been offering this training since 1986 and is was good then and even better now.

By using our check lists and following the best procedures you’re going to be successful in your first year.


Principles of Mortgage Finance

Capstone is so sure you’ll enjoy and learn from this training
we guarantee your satisfaction.




About Capstone Institute And Your Instructor Kathy Lewis

When Kathy started originating loans for a national builder in Atlanta; she sold over 164 homes in a single year when interest rates were over  over 16.5% APR.

She then saw the need for formalized mortgage training and  founded Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance in 1986 as the first mortgage training school in the country.

Capstone has earned the respect of the mortgage industry as a leader in origination , processing and underwriter training. 

Optional Brief  History about Kathy Lewis Your Instructor and Capstone Institute


How Our Video training works 

During your registration process you’ll select a user name and password to access your lessons.  After receiving your registration we’ll send out your instruction manual and practice case studies. Please allow 3 to 5 days for your materials to arrive.

After registration you should access your first class to check your video connection, but don’t start your classes until your materials arrive.

Upon receiving your materials please have your instruction manual  and case studies by your side. You’ll need them to follow along with Kathy.

Your books and case studies are fully synchronized to follow your videos.  When Kathy says to move to Section 3 – page  52, your going to see the same information on your computer screen as you do in your instruction  manual.  Please allow 3 to 5 days for shipping


Optional HP12C Financial Calculator Training Included.

The HP12C training is optional and its time is not counted into the 10 hours and can be by passed upon entering the training.
We strongly recommend that you have a financial calculator and know how to use it.

Here’s the  link to amazon to purchase a HP12C  if you don’t already have a calculator


Your Training Materials Include:

* Hard bound, 494 page  training manual
* Printed case study exercises to practice and strengthen your skills
* 7/24 online access for 90 days
* Certificate of Completion after testing



Topics Covered In This Training



View an excerpt of calculating the borrowers income

If You Ever Need Assistance

If you ever need assistance on any questions or calculations during or after your training  just call Kathy or email her at:



Managers – don’t forget about about reviewing these lessons in the future sales meetings.

Originators are  urged to repeat these lessons several times so they can better retain the information.  Repetition is the key to mastering any skill.   Managers who want to suplimet their sales meeting topicsshould be using these lesson later as home work.   These lessons provide great sales meeting topics where both experienced and new LO’s need to be challenged  continuously until they have mastered all aspects of residential lending .

Originators need to remember correctly all the rules and regs involved with howand then later be able to explain it to their managers or to their borrowers.



Principles of Mortgage Finance

Capstone is so sure you’ll enjoy and learn from this training we guarantee your satisfaction. 
No other mortgage training school offers this type of guarantee.