Calculating FHA Incomes and Streamline Loan Refresher


FHA Refresher training using the HUD 4000.1 handbook.. Learn about the FHA changes which the 4000.1 covers

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Calculating FHA Incomes and Streamline Loan Refresher


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Refresher training for Underwriters and FHA processors

Risk managers and underwriting managers  are  continuously  annoyed by files  getting through to their direct endorsement underwriters that:

Either grant to much income to the  FHA borrower
Have to delay or deny  FHA streamline applicants on streamline loans because of guidelines or calculations


After this refresher training:

You’ll be able to quickly and accurately evailuate your borrowers  income on any FHA loan type

You fully understand the fine points of how FHA streamline loan work anbd what is required.


Kathy Lewis
Founder & President Of Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance

   90 days access
1 Hr 49 minute and repeatable during your training period


Your training includes downloadable manuals and exercises; which Kathy Lewis will
walk you through step by step during this valueable refresher course.


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