FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriting Live Webinar


For over 30 years your instructor, Ms. Kathy Lewis, the Founder and President of Capstone institute has been offering her FHA underwriting training to the top lenders and banking institutions in the United State. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriting Live Webinar

Live webinar
Feb 5-6-7th
1Pm to 5 Pm Daily (EST)

Printed Training  Manual & Case Studies Included

90 days access afterwards

to our self paced video course


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Capstone Institute is the only school who has always offered a 100% satisfaction guaranty on its training courses.


If you’re looking for the best and most respected FHA underwriting
program in the United States, you’re in the right place.

Your instructor for this underwriter training is Kathy Lewis, the President and Founder of Capstone Institute since 1986.

For those of you who are relatively new to FHA Direct Endorsement training, Kathy was actually the first person that offered FHA DE underwriting training outside of the FHA homeownership centers.

Since 1986 Kathy has personally trained over 23,821 FHA Underwriters,  not to mention thousands of conventional underwriters, processors and loan originators.

As her expertise and reputation grew, the Dept. of HUD requested Kathy to travel nationally to their four homeownership centers and assist in refresher and onboarding training of their staff members.


View Kathy Lewis’s training styles  and information as she does her introduction to the training

Capstone’s FHA  Direct Endorsement Training Has 2 Options

 3 day Live Webinar + 90 days Access To The Recored Webinar

The live webinar  is 3 day, afternoon event.  Upon registration the student will be registered for the live event and have access afterwards to a video recording of the training. 

Capstone will send the student their books and materials by 3 day or ground FEDEX.  The day before the webinar on Monday,  Kathy will send an invitation link to each student so can join the meeting. We ask eveyone to test their link prior to the class.  If  experiencing dificulties please contact Garry at Capstone 888-254-3431 .

After the webinar, students will be able to access a recording of the webinar by using their user name and password which was assign to them during the registration process.




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Recording Of The Live Webinars / Same manual & materials

The course is offered in a video format that is a recording of our live FHA DE webinar. There are 6 lessons,  with each lesson covering about 2 hours of training, for a total of 12 hours,  plus an hour for your 85 question final competency test.

Upon registering for the training you’ll be asked to submit your username and password to access your training.   You’ll have full access to your training for 90 days.  This course includes your hardbound, printed FHA DE training manual, with your 6 case studies.

Please allow 3 to 5 days for your books and case studies to be shipped to you by FedEx.

$ Corporate $ Discounts $

If you plan on training more than 10 employees this year please contact us to share our corporate discounts with you.


What about asking questions if you’re taking the video training?

It’s true that you can’t ask Kathy questions while you are watching her video training, but you do have 2 options.

1st:  You can write her an email and send her your questions. Every morning Kathy answers question from students, and questions from past students from years ago. That’s right; if you ever attended a class at Capstone Institute,  Kathy will always help you with those weird loan files that have everyone in your office scratching their heads.

2nd:  Pick up the phone and call us here at Capstone Institute. 888-254-3431


Testing and Certification of Completions.

At the conclusion of your training,  you’ll have the opportunity to take your final 85 question competency test,  which requires a passing score of 90% to receive your certificate of completion.   Yes, we do allow you to retake your test if you don’t pass the first time. 


What’s the difference between a Certified Underwriter and just having a certification of completion?

We have been asked by numerous people over the last few of years why we only offer a completion certificate instead of a certification.

That’s because there’s     >  NO SUCH THING AS A CERTIFIED UNDERWRITER.

To the best of our 33 years of training expertise, we know of no government agency, Fannie, Freddie or by the National Association of Mortgage Bankers that acknowledges any certification for underwriters. We know there are companies out there whose name says they are an association of this or of that,  and you get a certification with their name on it.

The designation of “Certifide FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter” designation is a marketing sales tool and is meaningless within our industry.   


So what’s covered in our FHA DE underwriting training?

Other schools offer you bullet points that skim over the high points of their training.   But Kathy wants you to see everything you’ll be exposed to. All changes in the new HUD Handbook 4000.1 are included.

Kathy doesn’t miss anything!


Click below to open and view what we cover

About Your Case Studies

During your training, Kathy is going to walk you through page by page of each case study,  and don’t forget about the Forms & Checklists.  They’re going to be invaluable to you when reviewing the loans for your approval, and super for staying compliant with current guidelines and rules.

#1   Underwriting The FHA Appraisal
#2   Underwriting The Credit
#3  Completing A Schedule Of Real Estate Owned
#4  Performing A Technical Review
#5 Underwriting A FHA Streaming Line Refinance
#6  Forms Pack & Submission Check Lists


Who should take this training?

This Training Is Designed For:

*FHA Underwriters returning to Lending
*Experienced FHA Processors
*Conventional Underwriters
*Experienced FHA Loan Closer
*Regional Sales Managers & Branch Managers:


FHA Underwriters returning to Lending:

You are in demand if you have your CHUMS number. but you’ll need to get current on all the guideline changes and rule changes, especially since the publishing of the new HUD 4000.1 Handbook.

There are lots of changes, and  Kathy has already gone through them for issues that concern single family lending.


If you’re an experienced conventional underwriter and expanding your skills to include FHA, you’re going to love this course. Kathy has held both positions of Conventional and DE underwriter and understands what new skills you’ll need to expand to become a competent DE underwriter.


If you’re an experienced FHA processor (3 to 5 yrs) then you’re also ready for this training. Capstone has hundreds of testimonial letters since 1986 from new FHA underwriters or their managers thanking Kathy for helping them submit their first 15 test cases and receiving approval on all of them the first time.


Are you a strong conventional loan processor but have limited or no FHA processing experience Not to worry! If this is the case, we recommend you take our FHA origination & processing training prior to taking the FHA DE training.

We’ll also help by offering you a $95.00 discount when taking them together within 90 days. You’ll save money and time by doing it this way.

Our FHA origination and processing training is 8 hrs. Our FHA DE training is 12 hours. That’s 20 hours of training at your disposal for 90 days each.


As a Branch Manager, your time spent monitoring the quality of your loan applications is directly correlated to how many loans you’ll close the next month. Sure, it’s great to have a big pipeline, but only if the loans don’t get kicked back and do eventually close. And how about those loans that were denied? How many other loans could your processor have submitted and closed if you had foreseen the problems in the beginning?

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