Correctly Calculating The Borrower’s Income

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Instructor:         Kathy Lewis
Duration:            1:38 hrs – Just watch, listen, learn and earn!
Access:                 1 Month Access
Manual:               Yes – Downloadable
Case Studies:     Yes – Downloadable
Testing:               Yes- Certificate of Completion Award after online testing


Believe it or not:
One of the top reasons loans are returned or denied by lenders is improper calculation of the borrower’s income.

Regardless of who’s mortgage software you’re using, your software can’t look at the borrower’s income documentation and apply underwriting rules on whats acceptable and whats not.

Borrowers only think they know their usable income, not what’s usable and allowable

Only competent originators and processors can review the borrower’s income and decide if it’s acceptable or not

Overview Of Whats covered:

  • 20% Declining Income Rules: When you need to use them
    The allowable differences in combining w-2’s -1099’s- and expenses 
    When and how to average different incomes over past years and months
    When and how to average commissions
    When and how to deduct business expenses

Easy To Use:

Kathy Lewis’s presentation is easy to follow and is synchronized to your online and downloadable  manual with case studies.
After registering for the class you or your employees just login to capstone with their self assigned username and password and we do the rest.


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