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Guidelines For Taking A Detailed Loan Application – Self Paced


Please allow for 2 to 5 days for your training manual to arrive.

Congratulations you've completed your NMSL training and testing and you're ready to start your job?  Slow down!  You might be the greatest sales person that ever walk the earth but salesmanship and producing loans that close on time  are two very different job skills sets.

WIth this training Capstone will give you the job skills you'll need to master as a conventional loan originator. Your sales ability will come into play latter as you implement these skills and of course get the right signatures on your contracts and applications.

Please visit your training manual's table of contents below and see what new skills you'll be learning.


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Taking A Good Application Is Essential To Success

Did you know there are at least 8 skill sets you must master before you can take a good loan application

This training gives new originators the opportunity to learn the necessary conventional loan skills they need to pursue a career in mortgage lending.

Successful originators have already learned these skills from years of experience. As a new originator you'll need to catch up fast. Typically a new originator only has 120 days to get up to speed to compete with their experience competitors.

View and listen to your instructor Kathy Lewis as she offers you a brief over of what she'll be covering in your next level of conventional training.

View a short training introduction by Kathy Lewis

  • Duration:Approximately 8 hours with online testing.
Open Your Manual's Table Of Contents And View The Skills You Must Master

Many Banks, Lenders & Brokers Require Completing This Training As A Hiring Prerequisites.

*Getting Organized As A Loan Officer
*Getting Ready For The Pre-application interview
*Discussion with borrowers before meeting and their required documentation
*Calculating monthly mortgage payments and reading rate sheets
*Lender guidelines for ratios for per-qualifying borrowers
*How Much House Can I Afford form, which backs a borrower into an affordable home
*Preparing the Initial Fees Worksheet
*Bundling fees over to the Loan Estimate.
*Fees that Do & Do Not Affect the APR
*Closing costs and Prepaids explanation
*Truth-in-Lending Disclosure explanation for borrowers.
*Completing the 1003 Loan Application.
*Real Life Case Study utilized for each of the steps outlined above

Click on the link below to view your manual's Table Of Contents

View your manual's Table of Contents

    Online courses concept.
    4 Months access to complete your training

    What Is Included In Your Training

    Sometime we all experience delays when planning ahead. Although this is only a 6 hour course with online testing you can be assure that if difficulties arise in the future you'll have 3 months from time of purchase to complete this training

    Included with your training.

    125 page printed technical manual
    Your manual is synchronized to your online video training.
    Case Studies & exercises to master your topics
    Online multiple choice testing
    Certificate of Completion after testing

      You seldom get second chances to close the deal

      Mortgage Competency

      With our training you'll understand how to do 2 important things.

      First: You'll be able to answers questions with authority from your borrowers on any of these categories. Your borrowers must feel confident that they're getting the right information the first time.

      Second: How to calculate the numbers with your hand held calculator. If your borrowers ask how you arrived at a calculation you better be prepare to show them how you did it. Many people don't trust computer screens and prints out.

      DTI Ratios - ARMs - LTV & Escrows - Credit Reports - Understanding Rate Sheets - Yield Spread Premium - Discount Points - Prepaid Interest Charges

        Certificate GFTADLA
        Nationally Recognized Certificate of Completion

        Your Certificate of Completion After Online Testing

        Just because you're starting off on a new career doesn't mean you have no skills.

        After completing this training our certificate of completion will prove you have demonstrated your ability to learn and understand the primary conventional loan origination skills that all originators must adhere to if they are going to be effective in their job and stay compliant.

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