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Conventional Loan Processing Video Training

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  • $375.00   Call for shipping out of the lower 48 States and Territories
  • We have guaranteed our training 100% for over 30 years
  • No other school has ever offered this support to their students or customers
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Capstone Institute
Beware of training companies offering to make you a certified processor. There's no such thing as a certified processor.

Conventional Loan Processing

Group discounts available , call for details.

Instruction Type: Self Paced Online with manuals and case studies synchronized to videos

Instructor: Kathy Lewis.

Duration: 16 hours instruction with 4 months to complete training. Your access is closed after passing your testing

Certificate of Completion: Yes after testing

Next Training Date : Always available online

In-house Training Available: Call for scheduling and pricing / 4 afternoons 1 to 5PM (EST)

    digital classroom
    Build a loan processing department that doesn't need full time supervision. Coordinate new staff from other offices and train together.

    In-House Private Loan Processing Webinar/ 8 Staff minimum - 25 Maximum

    Are you planning on expanding your processing resource ?
    If so, please consider our in-house private live webinar training option

    Major Benefits:

    We train your staff on how to calculate all mortgage calculations by hand.
    Create office comradery and mortgage competency with only 5 afternoons of training.
    Scheduled training gives your staff the urgency to the importance of staying on track.
    Students ask more questions in a live training format.
    Daily home work is reviewed the next day with instructor to reinforce learning skills.
    Staff that miss a training date can make it up by accessing their online class.
    Full support after training : All staff have access afterwards to the online self paced videos.

      mtg training
      We can customize this training to suit corporate requirements and time requirements

      4 Day self paced training schedule

      View our processing manual and judge for yourself why our training is rated the best. We don't believe in quickie boot camp training buy just covering the bare minimum. Or charge more by offering loan processing basic 101, followed by advanced loan processing That's absurd! We have one course and one price that covers everything and that's why we've been in business for over 30 years.

      View our training manual:
      Open our training manual's table of contents

      1st Day

      Federal Regulations & Compliance – Overview of mortgage-related regulations using Federal Regulations Test Questions to emphasize important regulations

      Conventional Loan Programs – Overview of various conventional loan programs

      Understanding Secondary Market Rate Sheets – Using a Case Study, students are instructed in how to read a rate sheet, how to determine the best rate based on factors such as credit scores, LTV, etc.

      2nd Day

      Start: Case Study# 2 – “How to calculate” LTV, P & I, monthly hazard insurance, monthly PMI, and monthly property taxes, as well as how to calculate “Prepaids” using several worksheets.

      Finish Case Study# 2 – How to complete the Initial Fees Worksheet, identifying fees that are prepaid finance charges that affect the APR, how to complete the Loan Estimate.

      3rd Day

      Start ” Setting Up The Loan File: Reviewing the loan application, reviewing the Loan Estimate , insuring all required disclosures are included.

      Students learn how to prepare a “Pre-Qualification Worksheet” to determine that the borrowers meet qualifying ratios and how to order all required loan documents.

      4th Day

      Finish Processing the Loan – Review credit documents, pay stubs, bank statements and work the file up for submission to Underwriting.

      Conventional Refinance Transactions – Case Study is utilized to teach the student how to calculate the maximum LTV, prepare the Loan Estimate, and review the loan application as it relates to refinance transaction.

      Case Study – Completing a Schedule of Real Estate Owned

        Why are our programs superior

        Conventional Loan Processing

        The Loan Processor scrutinizes every line item on the residential mortgage loan application for accuracy and authenticity before signing off on the file and sending the loan application to the underwriter for approval.

        Kathy Lewis’s processor training takes complicated topics and breaks them down into simple concepts in a logical order.

        Capstone Institute has been perfecting their “Best Practices” methods for training loan processors and loan originators since 1986.

        Capstone Institute-trained processors are better organized and understand how to calculate all of the numbers without relying on their mortgage software. Our structured training prepares processors to perform their duties and responsibilities quickly with minimum management supervision. Our training covers every job skill a new processor needs to understand .

        View and Listen to your instructor Kathy Lewis as she offers you an introduction and insight about her conventional loan processing training.

        View a short training introduction by Kathy Lewis

        • Duration:Approximatley 20 Clock Hours / Online Testing Requirement / 4 Months Access to complete /Your access is closed after passing your testing
        Fundamentals Of Loan Processing
        View Your Training Manual

        For Over 26 Years Capstone's Training Materials And Certificates Are Nationally Recognized

        As a processor you must be more knowledgeable than your loan originators and sometime even your boss. Your expertise must include all current federal regulations, all conventional loan types both traditional and nontraditional, to include adjustable, hybrids and many others.
        Mortgage regulations, processing rules and financial calculations are intimidating to many but they really aren't when Kathy Lewis shows you her best practices for loan processing.

        One of the many advantages with our conventional loan processing training is that it's been constantly updated and perfected. Our conventional processing training is extremely detailed and your expected training time is about 16 hours. You'll actually process a complete loan file and your training includes your 480 page printed manual, case studies and practice loan file.

        Make sure you view your training manual’s table of contents below. You’ll be able to see for yourself the depth and detail of your processing training

        After 3 to 5 years of work experience many processors advance into underwriting and higher management positions.

        Open your training manual's Table of Contents

          Assistant using a headset

          Student Technical & Training Support

          Kathy Lewis has always prided herself on offering the best student support in the industry. Whether you're currently taking any of her training classes or whether you have an unusual loan situation in the future, Kathy is happy to assist

          Since 1986 your instructor Kathy Lewis has always offered free life time support.

          If an unusual loan file ever hits your desk and even your managers are scratching their heads, just call or e-mail Kathy and she'll share with you some ideas on how you might be able to salvage the loan and get it approved or to just let it go.

          There's no reason to waste time processing a loan that won't ever be approved.

          Kathy has held both positions of conventional and FHA underwriter and has published training courses and manuals for both.

            Conventional Loan Processor Certificate Blank
            Our Completion Certificates Are Highly Respected

            Nationally Recognized Certificates Of Completion

            Capstone Institute offers certificates of completion after optional testing. We don't offer any CERTIFIED certificates of anything. Do you really think anyone could certify you as a mortgage processor after just finishing training ? It normally takes 2 to 3 years of on the job work experience before the mortgage industry will consider you experienced.

              On Line Video With Synchronized ManualsOnline Self Paced With Kathy lewis4 months / 7/24 access$365.00
              Corp pricing.

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              1. August 25, 2015

                garryt Reply
                5 out of 5

                I’ve been doing processing for a little while now but I really like being able to calculate everything by hand. Some of the things that she goes over are very in-depth and I love that

                Jessica Tylutki
                First Hallmark Lending

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