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Loan Origination Pre-Licensing Training In Atlanta, Georgia, February 3-4-5th

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If calling after business hours please leave your contact # or e-mail address with our live answering service.

Our staff will contact you the next morning to answer your questions and assist you in  registering for this training.

NMLS requires as a precondition of being licensed as a loan originator, that all individuals at a minimum take an approved 20 hour course of instruction and then pass a combined test referred to as the national test and the Unified State Test.

Capstone is one of the few training institutes in the United Sates that offers this training in a live classroom environment with you and your instructor physically in the same classroom.

Effective January 2017 new tuition is $375.00

Next Training After February will be March 3-4-5th

Future Training Date At Bottom Of Page

Friday:                 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Saturday:            9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday:              9:00 Am to 4:30 PM

Product Description

If it was easy everyone would be passing. Don't fail your testing and have to pay again for refreshing training

Be leary of schools advertising unrealistic passing rates and the lowest prices

If this training was easy everyone would be passing. Don't fail your testing and have to pay again for refreshing training plus the cost of retesting.

Scotsman's Guide is reporting that the best way to prepare for the National test & Unified State test is not with online training but by sitting in a real classroom with your instructor in front of you. Online training works well for some people , but for many others not so well.

If you weren't a brainiac high tech computer person back in school please consider attending our classroom training in Atlanta GA.

Not every person passes their test the first time.
GOOD News! Capstone is the only school that allows you to retake the class again free.

We limit our class size to 25 students so register early.

    GI Biil

    This training is covered under the G.I Bill of Rights

    Contact your Veterans administrator for instructions on how to apply for tuition reimbursement.

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      Total Licensing Fees For Loan Originator in GA

      After completing your $350.00 Capstone Institute training you'll need to pay for the following items which are all paid directly through the NMLS website.

      These fees do not have to be paid all at the same time:

      $110.00 National Test Including the Unified State Test
      $130.00 NMLS processing fee
      $ 15.00 Credit report
      $ 36.25 Criminal Background check

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        20 Hour NMLS Approved Course # 1121

        About training / Getting your NMLS ID # / Testing Information / Your Handbook

        20 Hr. SAFE ACT, Comprehensive PE, NMLS # 1121

        Learn how to get your personal NMLS user account

        View your NMLS Originators Handbook

        We try to schedule our training the first weekend of every month at our training facilities in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Future classes are shown at the bottom of this page. You may register and pay here on-line or call our offices at 888-254-3431.

        We set our class limit at 25 so please register as early as possible to reserve your seat.

          Capstone Institute
          Arrive No Later Than 8:30 On Your First Day

          Why Choose Capstone Institute's Classroom Training In Atlanta, Georgia

          To view the current NMLS Testing outline click below on Download.

          See what the NMLS test covers

          If you’re just starting your career in the mortgage industry or returning, you really need to understand there’s a reason why only about 63% of people taking the national and UST test pass. The NMLS national test is extremely tough and previous mortgage experience really doesn't give you much of an edge.

          Many of our students have never been in any type of banking job before and their passing rate with our instruction and materials are equal to experienced loan originators who are re-entering the mortgage business.

          Online programs have learning challenges. The teacher-student interactive experience is a technology nightmare for online courses. Nothing works better statistically than a live class, with your instructor in front of you, who has the time to take your questions and answer them on the spot.

          In our 3 day training format we have the time to allow our students to ask lots of questions, and take lots of practice tests.

          To view the current NMLS Testing outline click below on Download.

          See what the NMLS test covers

            Quick Start Training With Our Online Manual

            Get access to your online manual as soon as you register for your class

            Click on the "View Your Manual" link below to view how detailed our training is.

            View Your Manual's Table of Contents

            In order to meet pre-license education requirements, most state-licensed MLOs must complete at a minimum 20 hours of NMLS-approved education and must then pass the national NMLS test component.

            The NMLS requires all educational providers to cover the following areas of mortgage education.

            3 hours of federal law and regulations
            3 hours of ethics, including fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending issues
            2 hours of training related to lending standards on nontraditional mortgage products
            12 hours of undefined instruction on mortgage origination.

            Additionally your training will include getting you prepared for the Unified State Test.

            The Unified State test is made up of 25 additional questions that are combined with your 100 question national test. We'll cover all this in detail during your training.

            If you choose to register for our training we can offer you another benefit. As soon as your tuition payment has cleared you'll receive an e-mail from us giving you access to the training manual using our online training library.

            When you arrive the first morning of training you'll receive you printed manual, and all your case studies, homework and practice tests.

            We don’t have a magic training book that covers all the questions that could be asked on your national test & UST and no other school does, We believe that our course materials and instructors are superior to any other training provider.

            Your training manual has 641 pages, which is a lot of pages. No you don't have to memorize every page but getting an early start will help you tremendously.

            The first thing we want you to do is become very familiar with your mortgage TERMS & DEFINITIONS and then begin on Chapter 5 -- Federal Regulations.

            Click on the "View Your Manual" link below to view how detailed our training is.

            View Your Manual's Table of Contents

              ga dbf
              Visit and View The Georgia Broker Requirements

              Visit The Georgia Department of Banking & Finance

              Click on Download below this section to link to the Georgia Department Of Banking & Finance website and learn the requirements for becoming a Mortgage Broker in Georgia.

              Capstone Institute is one of the approved educational provider for the State of Georgia. After you've completed the NMLS pre-licensing training and testing, we can also offer you the additional 20 hours of training so you may make application as a Georgia Broker without 2 years of recent experience.

              Click the link below to view the Georgia Mortgage Broker Application Requirements

              View Georgia's Mortgage Broker Requirements

              View Georgia's Dept. Of Banking & Finance website

                Course detail
                Pre-Licencing TrainingFebruary 3-4-5th$375.00
                Pre-Licencing TrainingMarch 3-4-5th$350.00
                Pre-Licencing TrainingApril 7-8-9th$375.00

                    5 reviews for Loan Origination Pre-Licensing Training In Atlanta, Georgia, February 3-4-5th

                    1. After just 6 months in the mortgage lending business, I participated in the pre-licensing class offered through Capstone. The class was highly informative and interactive which helped me to retain the knowledge I needed to pass the National MLO SAFE Test with a 92. I highly recommend this class to anyone needing the 20 hours of education or wanting a refresher course before taking the national test.

                    2. November 13, 2015

                      garryt Reply
                      5 out of 5

                      Hi Kathy, I took the MLO class at Capstone in October 2015, I just passed the test (89%, 1st time)

                      Shanti Jain

                    3. May 17, 2016

                      Michael McCollum Reply
                      5 out of 5

                      Capstone exceeded my expectations. The instructors do a great job of explaining things and taking the time to make sure you understand them. Im about to schedule my exam but im confident because of the training and skills i received from capstone.

                    4. June 27, 2016

                      Tiffany Thompson, Duluth, GA. Reply
                      5 out of 5

                      From: Tiffany Thompson
                      Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016 10:12 AM
                      To: ‘’
                      Subject: Former Student : )

                      Hey Kathy & Garry,
                      I wanted to say “Thank You” and let you know that I passed my state test! Yay : ) The class really prepared me for the test. I really appreciate all of your help!

                    5. July 25, 2016

                      Lakesha Oates Reply
                      5 out of 5

                      Good Afternoon Garry and Kathy,

                      I wanted to reach out to you both to inform you of my MLO test results. I took the SAFE Act pre-licensing course a couple weeks ago the 8th – 10th and…drum roll please…I PASSED! Thank you for the material provided and the well-informed instructor. The surveys sent will reflect the same.


                      Lakesha Oates

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