Certified Mortgage Specialist For
New Originators

The highest quality “On Board Training” available today. 

Why Brokers and  Lenders alike should consider
using our “On Board Training” for new staff.

 CMS for loan processors is also available √ here.


As always our training is guaranteed and helps protect you

Our curriculum and training techniques are proven to work, and that’s why
Capstone Institute is the only school that guaranties its training 100% 

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Benefits of using printed books and materials.

Our CMS programs offer proven training concepts with up to date printed materials, case studies to help your new staffs gain mortgage competency  quickly.  We believe students learn better and faster when they have their own printed materials in front of them.  The only reason most schools have moved away from printed materials is the extreme cost of printing and shipping.  That’s why they’re few to no campus book stores anymore. At Capstone we believe our students learn faster with our printed materials. Its tough to make notes and highlight areas on a computer screen. 

Manager’s your time is better spent by supervising our training versus doing it yourself.

Doing It The Old Way:

Remember when you first started out?  Did you go through a formalized training program? Or did you go through a quick week or so  in the office  and get a morning class on this or that  and then visit with the loan processor who showed you how they wanted your files turned in? After that they gave you some loan files to input and practice with so you’d know how to submit yours without mistakes.  That dated style training scenario could work back in 1990’s to 2006,  when there were lots of homes available and practically anyone could get a mortgage as long as they were breathing.   Those days are gone; and honestly how well did that style of training work for you?

Today managers can make more effective use of their time and energy by supervising our training versus doing it themselves.  You have to many other duties to perform on a daily , weekly and monthly basis not forggeting the end of the monthys


than to instruct new staff.  To properly train new staff and  LETS take ego away for a moment. Sure its nice to expound on how you became successful and competent but no one other than you really cares.  Bragging needs to be left to seeing who made the most income.  To be fully competent in origination is one thing. Transferring those ideas and information on to others is another

In today’s mortgage industry, managers have t

o compete with large  internet lenders with their calls centers, plus hundreds of new lenders and brokers getting back into the industry.  While the future for residential is projected to be good there’s still 2 major problem all managers are having.   Not enough experienced originators or processors


Everyone is trying to recruit their competitor’s staffs

Well good luck with that. Why ?
Its expensive and not always effective.  Offering sign on bonuses with special enticements and bigger commission rates.  doesn’t mean your hiring competent originators and many times your just hiring someone else problems for the sake of a few more loans per month and more head aches.  Then why does everyone continue to do it?


First: New people have virtually no “skin in the game” 

Yes they’ve passed the NMLS requirements and are hire-able , but it’s a difficult task to choose which MLO candidate have the right stuff ; especially when considering  rookies without previous mortgage experience.

As a manager you have other responsibilities.  Your office is running well but you want to grow. You have daily operational duties.


Because active Brokers don’t have the time to do their own training every month and its a gamble hiring new staff. There’s no guaranty the new originator will make it!